Family Law

Reliable Family Law Attorney

When it comes to family law, it can be a very difficult time in your life. We understand that here at The Law Office of J. Fernando Treviño, P.C. If you’re going through a divorce or you’re trying to figure out child support, let our lawyers be there for you to make sure your rights are not compromised. 

Having a range of feelings during your family case is normal. With that being said, the decisions that are made in court can have a real-life impact on your life. Our team is there for you emotionally and legally to help you come to a peaceful resolution, if possible. 

We Can Help Family Matters Including

• Divorce • Legal Separation • Domestic Partnerships • Child Custody/Visitation • Child Support • Alimony • Domestic Violence • Property Distribution

Family law is a delicate subject. We always treat every case and every client with the care it deserves. Please give us a call to get a free initial consultation. 
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